Certificate Award Ceremony 2021-2022


Certificate Award Ceremony 2021-2022 &

the 2023 New Year Cake cutting along with the presentation of extracts of the 2019-20 Theatrical Performance

Continuing a long-standing tradition, with unprecedented success and in the presence of many dear students, parents, and great guest speakers, the Fani Karatzou Language Schools held their annual Foreign Language Certificate Award Ceremony and the cutting of the 2023 New Year Cake on Friday 17 February 2023 at the main Hall of the central school in Larissa.

Mrs Fani Karatzou, as a visionary school principal along with her always encouraging, supportive and inspirational teachers, celebrated the excellent success rate of her schools, remaining loyal to the communicative approach and maintaining constant parent – teacher – student cooperation, always providing students with an all-round exceptional and exemplary foreign language education from Nursery to University level.

Text by: Fani Karatzou

The event opened with Mrs Fani Karatzou delivering a speech about the long and dynamic presence of her language schools, which has been, as she admitted, a source of learning for herself as well. She emphasized the vital role of the teacher as someone who can inspire, ignite passion and imagination and instill love for learning allowing students to succeed not only locally but globally.

As she mentioned, the educator’s passion and enthusiasm are milestones needed for effective, constructive, thought-provoking, and stimulating teaching.

Mrs Fani Karatzou stressed that theater is a “tool” of paramount importance that facilitates learning in a truly enjoyable manner. Theater allows us to live many lives and gain a better understanding of the world. She referred to the absolute joy that students feel by being immersed in a theatrical performance. The theater is the means that initially promotes team spirit and the process of self-discovery and enlightenment, which eventually leads students to the acquisition of the target language in a delightful way.

The highlights of the previous year’s theatrical presentations, in flawless English, were the extracts from the famous musicals, “West Side Story” presented in 2019 and “The Sound of Music” adapted, directed and taught by Mrs Fani Karatzou in 2020.

Mrs Katerina Mandadaki, neurosociologist and educator, presented her lecture “8 Steps in Making Homework Easy”. Mrs Mandadaki, honored our School with her presence and stated how impressed she was with the students’ performance, a mere reflection of talent, dedication, excellence and inspirational language training.

It was an honor to have with us “online” Mrs Alexandra Papageorgiou the representative of Cambridge Exams and Mr Georgios Boukouvalas the representative of the Michigan Exams. They each presented the benefits of their exams to the audience and they both stressed the long-lasting and successful cooperation of the Fani Karatzou Language Schools with their Exams Institutions.

More than 80 certificates were awarded and Mrs Fani Karatzou announced the names of the 10 IELTS and GMAT successful candidates who are already studying at English Universities.

Express Publishing offered 7 Smart Watches for the New Year Cake and a reader to each student per level. Combo books also offered a Smart Watch. Hamilton House offered a money cheque from “Public”.

The event ended with the cutting of the 2023 cake. The lucky one who won the 50€ check from “Public” stores was the teacher Mrs Natalie Arribat. The 8 Smart Watches were given to the lucky teachers and students who found the coin in their pieces.

This year’s Certificate Award Ceremony was a wonderful event that will be remembered fondly by all who attended. Our students achieved great success, and it's also impressive that the Theatrical club members were able to inspire and serve as role models for others. In today's world, being fluent in English is definitely an advantage, and it's great that the school is helping its students achieve this important skill. Congratulations to everyone involved in making the event a success!