Engaging Grammar Teaching Webinar

Transform Your Grammar Teaching Today! Don't miss out on our webinar "Engaging Grammar Teaching". Join us to simply your teaching, get new, fresh ideas on grammar teaching and engage your learners through dynamic methods.  

Session 1 - Empowering Language Learners: The Benefits of Learning in Context

Presenter: George Drivas

Bio: George Drivas studied English Literature at the University of Athens and Theoretical Linguistics at the University of Reading, UK. He has worked in Foreign Language education since 1981 as a teacher and teacher trainer. He was Director of Studies at the Department of Foreign Languages at Doukas School between 1994 and 2021. He is an inspector for the European Association for Quality Language Services and a certified assessor for the European Foundation for Quality Management.

By immersing EFL learners in real-life scenarios and authentic materials, contextualized learning enhances language retention, improves communication skills, and fosters cultural understanding. This presentation discusses the motivational benefits of relevance and engagement, along with the development of transferable skills for various communication contexts. Additionally, the significance of error tolerance and personalization in creating a supportive learning environment is emphasized to empower EFL learners to become confident and proficient communicators in English.

Session 2 - Gamification in Grammar, Make Learning Fun for Everyone

Presenter: Katherine Reilly

Bio: Katherine Reilly was born in Chicago Illinois and has dedicated herself to the field of ELT. As an educator, she works at a private school in Athens, teaching English to learners of all ages and levels, while also working as an oral examiner for the majority of universities which certify candidates in the use of the English Language. In the role of Academic Teacher Trainer, Katherine delivers lectures to audiences of both graduates and experienced educators in domestic as well as international English language teaching conferences. Her passion is inspiring critical thinking through active learning strategies and stimulating young learners’ potential in writing and speaking.

Grammar has been associated throughout the years with blunt memorization of set rules that must be followed to the letter. Such a tedious labor will always act as a deterrent to both learners and educators alike, hindering them from consolidating the focal educational points of the lesson. Gamification is an innovative pedagogical approach that has become an integral aspect to learning as it ignites students’ interest in the lesson. Find out how to make your class more engaging by infusing it with techniques that will not only make your students more susceptible to learning, but have an entertaining time doing so.

Session 3 - Teaching Grammar through Storytelling

Presenter: Zafi Mandali

Bio: Zafi Mandali holds a BA in English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, University of Essex. She is a teacher, teacher trainer, storytelling coach and educational consultant who has given presentations, published a number of articles and authored four books,  E.A. Publications.  She has recently retired from the position of director of studies, Department of English, Ellinogermaniki Agogi after a tenure of 25 years. Her soft point is storytelling in education and samples of her work are uploaded on  www.eltstorytelling.com and Eltstorytelling, Facebook group.

Stories are vehicles for implicit learning and raw material for explicit focus on language. They bear concentrated wisdom and motivational power bundled with punchlines, regularly repeated phrases and structures, which are in fact grammar ingredients. With stories, students start noticing repeated lexical phrases unconsciously and mental processes happen in their brains which pave the way to understanding, processing and acquiring what we call “use of language”. Unarguably, teaching grammar through storytelling enlists unconscious processes and is more effective in early than in later stages of learning. It takes knowhow to discern which stories lend themselves to which grammar points and skill to create the environment where structures, language patterns and schemata are reinforced and embedded.  This knowledge will be shared in our seminar along with evidence on the multiplicity of functions in teaching grammar through stories. Evidently, learning happens better when one is not asked to learn and when one is emotionally engaged.

Session 4 - Enhance your Grammar Lessons with Digital Resources

Presenter: Dimitris Primalis

Bio: Dimitris Primalis (M.A. in Education) is an EFL teacher and teacher trainer. He is interested in integrating innovation in the daily teaching practice and in supporting continuous professional development for educators. For his work, he has been awarded the title of “Innovative Educator Fellow” by Microsoft in Education and was voted as “ELT 2021 Influencer” by ELT NEWS. Dimitris has also served as TESOL Greece chairperson, vice- chair, and Newsletter editor, and as IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Assistant Editor. He is the primary and kindergarten EFL coordinator, and “Innovation and Best Practices Days” project manager at Doukas school, Athens.

Technology can be an invaluable tool for teaching grammar to learners of English as a foreign language. It can make the learning process more engaging, interactive, and personalized, complementing traditional teaching methods, but not replacing them entirely. A balanced approach, combining various digital resources with face-to-face interactions, can ensure a well-rounded and effective English grammar learning experience for students. This workshop features digital resources and activities that can make the grammar lesson more fun and can engage students in the learning process. 


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