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  • L2 Learning: Help them do it alone

    Teaching junior, pre-junior and nursery L2 classes can surface specific challenges, oxymorously fabricated by the mindset, the approaches and the methodology professed and employed by the dominant TEFL pedagogy. Nursery, preschool, early school L2...

  • George Drivas explores the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and investigates different forms of assessment.

    ‘bright’ and others ‘slow’ or ‘stupid’ still massively influential in the way teachers think of learners and organize their classes? Are these differences associated with social class, race, gender, or location? Before exploring what factors influence...


    your students to meet the challenges of the 21 st century with Burlington Webkids, our brand new coursebook series for A-D classes! This engaging course will challenge your students to think, and actively develop their language skills. It is accompanied...

  • English through Drama: A Holistic Second Language Learning Method

    BY HELEN DOUGEKOU, EFL TEACHER, DRAMA TEACHER, LANGUAGE SCHOOL OWNER. DIRECTOR OF STUDIES Now, I always include in my classes: Drama games! These are vocabulary and grammar games with a lot of action, a lot of communication and cooperation and simple...

  • Featured Speakers

    Flash On (ELI, Italy) and many more. Luke has also written methodology handbooks for English teachers: Mixed Ability Classes (Macmillan) and (with Lindsay Cladfield) Dealing with Difficulties (Winner of the Ben Warren Prize and an English Speaking Union...

  • Mind mapping and dyslexia: The current trend of graphic organizers for effective English language teaching

    chapters, readers, long texts / breaking information into manageable chunks) Planning and preparing outlines for writing classes Note taking Revision for tests / exam preparation / overview and consolidation of taught material Speech / presentations...

  • March 2020

    We design activities sothat everyone can succeed. We start with single words, not sentences. We use lots of repetition. The classes should be fun. We provides short and varied activities. We maintain a routine for children to feel comfortable....

  • Why am I losing client momentum? OR The Empty School Syndrome

    If this is positive awareness, the chances are on our side. Once the children of the potential clients reach the first classes of elementary school and choice of an FLS becomes an issue, consideration comes into play. Consideration is what brings...

  • Red Balloons, London T-Shirts and Open Doors: The Experiences of an Oral Examiner

    Admittedly, it’s a shame if we were to support the latter, as this would mean that all those years of attending English classes were pointless in the long run. How many of these candidates would ever speak the language again? Do they even want to?...

  • 12:30 - 13:45 - Express Publishing

    Express Publishing • Blaze: The ideal course for the 21st century learners! Blaze is a three-level course for A-B-C classes. It engages 21st century students with the use of fascinating videos and explores language through communicative and...

  • Seven Steps to Better Control a Classroom with Students with Learning Disabilities

    the seating arrangement is to organize the desks in a circle around the classroom. This will work better with smaller classes, but can still be used occasionally in others. This strategy works well with promoting public speaking and classroom debate. It...

  • Choosing the Right Coursebook: The Eternal Dilemma of Every ELT Educator

    solely on their own experience; a highly respected experience that spans over decades of teaching a foreign language to classes of all ages and levels. Experience, however, comes at a high price, as in many cases overshadows new breakthroughs in ELT...

  • The First Lesson: What to Do and What Not to Do

    back into the correct order. Include Target Setting Unlike one-to-one courses or specialised courses, the majority of our classes aren’t based on needs analysis; they follow the syllabus laid out by the coursebook. However, this doesn’t mean that we...

  • 15:00 - 16:00 - Burlington Books - Take your junior students to the top!

    Northern Greece Take your junior students to the top! Top Team , Burlington Books’ brand new coursebook series for junior classes, is filled with action-packed adventures and fun activities.

  • This cloud has a silver lining and a bright future!

    make the most of it to facilitate learning! Let’s take a minute to reflect on what you have done so far with your (online) classes that you can keep doing in the post Covid19 era. You: Flipped the classroom You assigned time consuming activities such as...

  • Fluent: Learn a New Language by Browsing the Web

    true as we age. For those who pursue the goal to converse in a foreign tongue, there are a plethora of courses, apps, classes, and other ways to learn. However, most of those choices can only get you to a level of casual understanding instead of...

  • Edutainment-ing your course book!

    usually believe - but can also be adapted and used to supplement any course book material used in junior and senior classes. I believe that children have the innate ability to learn a language naturally and unconsciously when they are exposed to the...

  • 12:30 - 13:45 - Express Publishing - Blaze: The ideal course for the 21st century learners!

    Express Publishing • Blaze: The ideal course for the 21st century learners! Blaze is a three-level course for A-B-C classes. It engages 21st century students with the use of fascinating videos and explores language through communicative and...

  • Embracing Newcomers in our Educational Context

    On this premise, I would like to share some practical tips that have successfully facilitated my embracing newcomers in my classes in a positive frame of mind. In all cases, teachers should present themselves, acting as a role model and a host at the...

  • April 2020

    more about this amazing project by reading the related article at ELT NEWS April issue. How hard is it to teach certificate classes? Read an interesting article on how to go into a classroom of fairly indifferent teenagers who are adept at technology...


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