October 2016

In this month's issue:

  • Games are not the lesson but aids to the lesson
  • Why More Girls -and Women-Than Ever Are Now Being Diagnosed With ADHD
  • Grammar rules you can break (sometimes)
  • Language changes over time: 15 words that once meant something very different 
  • Special Feature: Supplementary Material
    • What is the purpose?
    • Why use readers?
    • The use of songs in the English language classroom
    • Learning Can Be Fun through games
    • How can we engage all learners? Let students play
    • Language Learning Games
  • Regular Columnists
    • Cliff Parry: Feeling Inspired
    • Vassilis Comporozos: Phrasal Verb Stories
    • Maria Sachpazian: Why do I need a website for my school?
    • Andrew Leech: Saving Nosey Peak (Part 5)