Teaching Young Learners Online



Teaching Young Learners Online
In this webinar, we will discuss how we can teach YL's online and we will present meaningful tasks that can engage our Young Learners for synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

Teachers and students around the globe are having to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning. Although online classes are nothing new, many educators are now finding themselves having to quickly set up courses and content for their students, often without much previous experience.

Are you an English teacher who is about to teach online for the first time? Are you facing the dual challenge of teaching children online and preparing them for English exams? Or, maybe you already teach English online and are looking for extra ready-to-use ideas to engage and motivate children?

Then this webinar is for you.
In this webinar we will present meaningful tasks and activities that can engage young learners in synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning.

We will also show you how not to lose that ‘fizz’ when transitioning from the classroom to teaching



Maria Davou
Teacher, teacher trainer and researcher
Maria Davou is a teacher, teacher trainer and researcher. She has an MA in TESOL, St Michael’s College, Vermont, US and has studied for a PhD in Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University, UK. She is now working towards her Education Doctorate degree at the University of Exeter, UK. She holds an ESRC research award. Her research area is Second Language Acquisition. Her research interests include Language Development, Language Assessment, Multilingualism, Language Teaching and Pedagogy. She studied SLA with Suzanne Flynn at MIT, Boston, US and completed an ALTE course on Speaking Assessment with Linda Taylor at the University of Valencia. She has more than twenty years experience in teaching, teacher training and syllabus design in Greece and the US.


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