Communicating with parents effectively.



Parents are an integral part of our relationship with our students. They are the driving force behind our students and they control the students’ life to the greatest extent.

Despite choosing the school their children will study andmaking decision regarding the mode of their study (private or in a FLS, Intensive or regular pace), parent often seem to doubt the choices they have made or they seem to fear that FLS and teachers try to cut corners.

At times it feels that as educators we seem to be working against or despite parents for the benefit of our students which may create problems in the progress of the learners and their understanding of what learning a foreign language is all about.

In this practical session we will examine:
 the underlying reasons for conflict between teachers and parents;
 how to set up meetings with parents & how to communicate your true intentions;
 the steps we need to take when briefing parents
 what to look out for when writing reports regarding students’ progress.

This session will review problems that may appear in a FLS or private lesson environment. 
 Link to zoom: https://bit.ly/3gXVNti 


Maria Araxi-Sachpazian
Teacher, Teacher Trainer
Maria-Araxi Sachpazian holds a BA in Education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a CEELT II and the Royal Society of Arts Diploma for Oversees Teachers of English (3 distinctions) from the University of Cambridge. Maria has been a practising English Language Teacher since 1992. She has worked in a variety of Foreign Language Schools. In 2005 she actively started training teachers for the QLS schools and went on to work for Publishing houses and later on for her own company. Since 2013 Maria is the owner and managing director of Input on Education (IoE) a company which specializes in educational management and academic support for foreign language schools.


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