Learn what it takes to set up Storytelling Projects and what benefits to expect


Learn what it takes to set up Storytelling Projects and what benefits to expect

The pedagogy behind engaging in storytelling and story making activities in the classroom has been researched and documented. In my online seminar I will use the evidence of classroom practice to draw the relationship between Storytelling and education and the multimodal applications of Storytelling on teaching. Storytelling practices create a culture of communication, confidence, collaboration, understanding and respect.

Our on line seminar will
• illustrate what a story telling project is and how it serves as a platform for primary and high school students to engage in oral or digital telling.
• give step by step guidelines on how to set up story telling activities, projects or contests.
• underline how compelling stories activate multiple parts of the brain and help students notice, assimilate, internalize and apply.
• showcase how Storytelling activities and games boost language acquisition along with social, emotional and presentation skills.
• present ways to enrich our teaching practices through the craft of storytelling.
• use stories that lend themselves to participatory and interactive telling illustrating the techniques though videotaped material.
• make a reference to animal characters in stories and the act of looking out through “other” eyes.
• exemplify how to tell with enthusiasm that is infectious.

This workshop will bring you closer to telling stories, running storytelling events in an orchestrated way, helping your students to ‘tell’ with a purpose. Remember the next story in the classroom starts with you and is passed on to your students.
Link to zoom: https://bit.ly/3dvZCDT



Zafi Mandali
Zafi Mandali has been the Director of the Department of English at Ellinogermaniki Agogi, a private educational center in Athens, for two decades. She has given a number or presentations on matters related to best practices in language acquisition, published a number of articles and has authored “English Grammar Exerciser” (Books 1 and 2), “Absolute Must in Composition Writing” (Books 1 and 2) and “FCE Training”, Ellinogermaniki Agogi Publications. She has been a TESOL member for longer than she cares to remember and has been the Drama and Literature Sig coordinator of TESOL Greece on two occasions. She believes that teachers should be “directors” of educational experiences with students performing in the central educational stage. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, University of Essex. Her soft point is storytelling in education. She has uploaded specimens of her work at her website www.eltsto


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