Teaching Online: Taking a Flipped Classroom approach with Russell Stannard


How does the the Flipped Classroom work online?

Actually it is a great way to think about online delivery. If we can get our students to do small activities in preparation for the live sessions, then we can make our live sessions far more interactive and student focused. 


In this talk Russell will highlight how the Flipped Classroom approach can work online and then work with a series of simple tools and techniques that can support a Flipped Classroom model of delivery.

A session full of practical ideas with a great global vision of how to deliver online. 



Link to zoom: https://bit.ly/374ZcSG 




Russell Stannard
Educational Technologist @https://www.russellstannard.com/
Russell Stannard is the founder of www.teachertrainingvideos.com. His website offers free step by step videos to help teachers incorporate technology into their teaching and learning. His popular YouTube channel and website get more than 15,000 visits daily. He was the previous winner of the British Council ELTons award and the Times Higher 'Outstanding Technology Initiative' award. He currently works as an associate trainer with NILE and writes regular blog posts in Express Publishing Teacher's Corner.


Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Έναρξης 18-10-2020 1:00 pm
Ημερομηνία & Ώρα Λήξης 18-10-2020 2:30 pm
Κόστος Συμμετοχής €20


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